Changing Frowns Into Smiles

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Believe it or not, but it will take less muscles to smile then it will take to frown, at least this is what I was told. It is crazy, but it is difficult to find people with a beautiful smile because for whatever reason, most people do not like to smile. Some people wake up on the “left” side of the bed, other people wake up feeling a little “under the weather”, but their ugly frown is always the first thing that is noticed.

When I see someone frown, the first thoughts that come to my head are that maybe they do not feel good, they have had problems that day or even that they have a heart like the Grinch of Christmas Eve.

In any case, association will breed assimilation and for that reason, no one wants to be around negativity. Most of all, no one wants to see that ugly frown! Here are a few simple, but great ways we can turn our unattractive frown into a beautiful smile.

Here, There, and Everywhere

The people that we surround ourselves with make all the difference in our lives. They can have a good impact or a bad one. In most cases, we tend to surround ourselves with people who do not really care about us or even people that have nothing in common with us.

In this world, there are more people that will “double-cross” then people that we can trust. The only people that we can trust to always have our back are our family. Regardless of the circumstances, our family is always there for us when we need them. When everything seems to be going “left” instead of “right”, we should talk with family members because they will give us caring advice with a loving heart.

It takes time and practice to make real friends. Most people only care about themselves and they show us fake love. At times, it is hard to tell the difference between real and fake love. For example, fake love is being our friend because we have a lot of money. On the other hand, real love is telling us the truth when the truth is not what we want to hear.

Take some time and choose wisely who to associate with because they will either love us faults and all, or they will either be jealous with plans to backstab if it means they will progress in life.

The Pursuit of Happiness

We only live one life and not two, three, or even four. Time goes by fast and does not last forever. There is no time to waste being sad or mad because that will not get us anywhere in life. The only place we might end up out of anger is the county jail. Do not waste energy being angry at the world because most likely, the outcome will not be good.

We must learn to live our lives and by this I mean doing what makes us happy. People might think that what we are stupid. Other people might think that we are crazy. No matter who we are, we cannot impress everyone. Some people are going to hate us and some are going to love us, but that is a part of life.

No one can live our lives for us. In most cases, when something goes wrong there is no one that will feel the pain, except for us. So, with that being said, we should take our own steps, climb our own mountains, make our own mistakes, but most importantly we should live our own lives.

Release Steam

Life comes with the “ups” and the “downs.” It also comes with a lot of stress as we mature. We have to handle more responsibilities and it already seemed like we had too much to do from the beginning!

If we let too much stress build up, then something bad is bound to happen. We can learn this the hard way or we can learn it the easy way, but one thing we cannot be is all work and no play.

Find simple ways to release the day to day stress. For example, I enjoy playing strategy games for a little while. It gets my mind off of everything else and usually leaves me in a good mood when I am finished.

We are all different and have different ways of releasing our stress, but we must find out what works best for us. That could be talking to peers, playing games, reading books, watching movies, or even having sex. If we make the activity routine then we will experience better days.

Last Words

No matter who we are, the color we are, the age we are or even the gender, one thing will always be the same. We quickly look the other way when we see someone with a frown. They might have a problem we do not want to hear or that they might give us problems we do not already have.

First impression means everything in today’s world. We can only go by what we see and what we hear. The worst thing that we can do for ourselves is to set ourselves up for failure. If we go into anything with a negative mindset and we will get a negative outcome. If we go into anything with a positive mindset and we will become instant millionaires! No, I was only joking, but that would be awesome, right?

In the end, our smiles are what make the world go round, so we better get that ugly frown off our faces!

“While I agree with the gist of William’s thoughts here, I’ll add that it’s more important to be authentic (even if it makes you frown) than sport a superficial smile on your face. That said, nothing beats authentic happiness.” ~ Sage Reddy

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