What The Heck Is Law Of Attraction?

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“I’m poor, black and old… and no one wants me.” That, in a nutshell, is her take on life as we know it. Yes, she’s all that: poor, black and older than she was last year. She’s jobless, practically homeless and without many friends in life.

She is Marla, a friend I met only last year at an open mic. A friend I love dearly.

The only reason Marla even has a roof over her head at the moment is because her alcoholic, dysfunctional brother is out of town and needs someone to help pay his rent while he’s gone. Marla got kicked out of a friend’s driveway where she’d parked her van for months on end. It’s a good thing she’s warm and indoors. Cold, rainy portland is no place for a single woman to be homeless in December.

This woman can’t find a job to save her life. And it’s not for lack of skills nor for lack of effort. Her background is accounting and she’s good at what she does. But it’s a tough economy and jobs are hard to find. “The only people who call me are the temp agencies,” she jokes. The agencies love her and don’t understand why people won’t hire her.

Her closest friend in life is her “boyfriend” (if I dare call him that), a white guy who’s not much of a friend. The only time he calls her is when he’s lonely and needs her company. He’s not attracted to her as much he needs her to alleviate his loneliness. When she hangs around his church crowd, he won’t even introduce her to them. It’s as if he’s ashamed to have her around him. He doesn’t want her, but he needs her. More than he cares to admit.

Wouldn’t she be smart to dump this guy and go find a real boyfriend? She would if she could. She would in a heartbeat if any other guy would have her. But who’d want to a poor, old, black woman? Marla argues.

Her only friend in life may be Jesus, who is on her lips frequently. She sees herself as a good Christian. Which she is. She’s caring, empathetic and compassionate. She’s a good soul with a good heart. If it weren’t for her faith in Jesus, she wouldn’t be here. It’s kept her alive when most everything around her has crumbled.

How You’re Writing Your Life’s Script

Did I tell you Marla is an outstanding singer-songwriter? She’s been part of many bands. And my, how she sings! When Marla sings I can hear the angels whispering to me in my ears. When she’s doing her thing on stage, all her problems seem to disappear. It’s as if she’s channelling God and His infinite spirit.

Question then is why is a gifted and beautiful soul like Marla living such a miserable existence?

Answer, in three words: Law of Attraction.

Want to understand why Marla’s life is broken? Look at her daily self-talk, which she repeats like a broken record: “I’m poor, black and old… and no one wants me.” “Who’d want to a poor, old, black woman?” “There are no opportunities for black people.” etc etc. She doesn’t think black is beautiful. She’s like a white girl trapped in a black body. Still wonder why she’s poor, sad and lonely?

Everything and everyone, from her “boyfriend” to life itself, is treating her exactly as she treats herself on the inside: with disdain.

When I ask Marla about the Law of Attraction (LOA), she rambles on vaguely about how some people are attracted to others and so on. Not only does this otherwise intelligent woman not practice LOA, she neither knows nor understands what it is.

So what is LOA?

Law Of Attraction is a law woven into consciousness, which stipulates that as a conscious being you attract the life you want with your thoughts. Whatever your mind dwells on everyday is what you’ll create more of.

“Christian” is not an excuse for ignorance. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you get to violate the laws of nature. No one is immune to LOA. It transcends faith and religion. Even God cannot help her. Actually, God has already given her all the tool she needs to help herself abundantly. She’s using it to create… more of what she doesn’t want.

Marla is writing the script of her life with her daily thoughts, as are you and I. When I bring this to her attention, she says, “I know, I know. I think positive thoughts.” Really?


If she really knew the power of her thoughts, Marla wouldn’t talk the way she does.

Lipstick On A Pig

Actually, even if this woman knew the power of her daily thoughts, fact is she has no control over them. Why not? What fuels her self-sullying, self-pitying, ceaselessly negative thoughts are her unresolved emotions. All the positivity in the world cannot overcome your hidden negative emotions.

That would be like putting a lipstick on a pig.

Unlike Marla, there are folks out there who do know about the Law of Attraction, but still they meet with little success. How come? It’s not because they don’t understand LOA, but because they too, like Marla, haven’t resolved their hidden, negative emotions. These negative emotions hijack our thought processes and sabotage our dreams.

Before you can take full control of your daily thoughts, you must first identify, acknowledge and release your negative emotions. You must get to the hidden beliefs that fuel your negative emotions. Once you’ve released this self-negating mind stuff, you can regain the command of your ship.

If you get and appreciate what I’m saying, I have two more words for you: energy psychology.

Energy psychology is a dynamite tool to help you release your negative emotions. Once you do that, you are the master and commander of your destiny. You can steer your ship anywhere in the turbulent waters of life simply by choosing the thoughts you entertain in your system.

Do what it takes to resolve your hidden, self-defeating negative emotions. Then it’s easy to be more self-aware. Easy to watch your self-talk. Easy to take responsibility for your daily thoughts and choose what kind of thoughts you entertain.

Resolve your buried emotions… and you’ll get to go play in the garden of life.

Play with your mind’s creative power, that is. You get to play with your thoughts and imagination. For instance, you could play the game of “how would it feel right now if you had what you’ve always wanted?” Go ahead and feel it as if you already it. Be grateful for it because, at least in your imagination, you already have it.

Watch the magic unfold.

Here’s to you!

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