What The Heck Is Law Of Attraction?

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“I’m poor, black and old… and no one wants me.” That, in a nutshell, is her take on life as we know it. Yes, she’s all that: poor, black and older than she was last year. She’s jobless, practically homeless and without many friends in life.

She is Marla, a friend I met only last year at an open mic. A friend I love dearly.

The only reason Marla even has a roof over her head at the moment is because her alcoholic, dysfunctional brother is out of town and needs someone to help pay his rent while he’s gone. Marla got kicked out of a friend’s driveway where she’d parked her van for months on end. It’s a good thing she’s warm and indoors. Cold, rainy portland is no place for a single woman to be homeless in December.

This woman can’t find a job to save her life. And it’s not for lack of skills nor for lack of effort. Her background is accounting and she’s good at what she does. But it’s a tough economy and jobs are hard to find. “The only people who call me are the temp agencies,” she jokes. The agencies love her and don’t understand why people won’t hire her.

Her closest friend in life is her “boyfriend” (if I dare call him that), a white guy who’s not much of a friend. The only time he calls her is when he’s lonely and needs her company. He’s not attracted to her as much he needs her to alleviate his loneliness. When she hangs around his church crowd, he won’t even introduce her to them. It’s as if he’s ashamed to have her around him. He doesn’t want her, but he needs her. More than he cares to admit.

Wouldn’t she be smart to dump this guy and go find a real boyfriend? She would if she could. She would in a heartbeat if any other guy would have her. But who’d want to a poor, old, black woman? Marla argues.

Her only friend in life may be Jesus, who is on her lips frequently. She sees herself as a good Christian. Which she is. She’s caring, empathetic and compassionate. She’s a good soul with a good heart. If it weren’t for her faith in Jesus, she wouldn’t be here. It’s kept her alive when most everything around her has crumbled.

How You’re Writing Your Life’s Script

Did I tell you Marla is an outstanding singer-songwriter? She’s been part of many bands. And my, how she sings! When Marla sings I can hear the angels whispering to me in my ears. When she’s doing her thing on stage, all her problems seem to disappear. It’s as if she’s channelling God and His infinite spirit.

Question then is why is a gifted and beautiful soul like Marla living such a miserable existence?

Answer, in three words: Law of Attraction.

Want to understand why Marla’s life is broken? Look at her daily self-talk, which she repeats like a broken record: “I’m poor, black and old… and no one wants me.” “Who’d want to a poor, old, black woman?” “There are no opportunities for black people.” etc etc. She doesn’t think black is beautiful. She’s like a white girl trapped in a black body. Still wonder why she’s poor, sad and lonely?

Everything and everyone, from her “boyfriend” to life itself, is treating her exactly as she treats herself on the inside: with disdain.

When I ask Marla about the Law of Attraction (LOA), she rambles on vaguely about how some people are attracted to others and so on. Not only does this otherwise intelligent woman not practice LOA, she neither knows nor understands what it is.

So what is LOA?

Law Of Attraction is a law woven into consciousness, which stipulates that as a conscious being you attract the life you want with your thoughts. Whatever your mind dwells on everyday is what you’ll create more of.

“Christian” is not an excuse for ignorance. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you get to violate the laws of nature. No one is immune to LOA. It transcends faith and religion. Even God cannot help her. Actually, God has already given her all the tool she needs to help herself abundantly. She’s using it to create… more of what she doesn’t want.

Marla is writing the script of her life with her daily thoughts, as are you and I. When I bring this to her attention, she says, “I know, I know. I think positive thoughts.” Really?


If she really knew the power of her thoughts, Marla wouldn’t talk the way she does.

Lipstick On A Pig

Actually, even if this woman knew the power of her daily thoughts, fact is she has no control over them. Why not? What fuels her self-sullying, self-pitying, ceaselessly negative thoughts are her unresolved emotions. All the positivity in the world cannot overcome your hidden negative emotions.

That would be like putting a lipstick on a pig.

Unlike Marla, there are folks out there who do know about the Law of Attraction, but still they meet with little success. How come? It’s not because they don’t understand LOA, but because they too, like Marla, haven’t resolved their hidden, negative emotions. These negative emotions hijack our thought processes and sabotage our dreams.

Before you can take full control of your daily thoughts, you must first identify, acknowledge and release your negative emotions. You must get to the hidden beliefs that fuel your negative emotions. Once you’ve released this self-negating mind stuff, you can regain the command of your ship.

If you get and appreciate what I’m saying, I have two more words for you: energy psychology.

Energy psychology is a dynamite tool to help you release your negative emotions. Once you do that, you are the master and commander of your destiny. You can steer your ship anywhere in the turbulent waters of life simply by choosing the thoughts you entertain in your system.

Do what it takes to resolve your hidden, self-defeating negative emotions. Then it’s easy to be more self-aware. Easy to watch your self-talk. Easy to take responsibility for your daily thoughts and choose what kind of thoughts you entertain.

Resolve your buried emotions… and you’ll get to go play in the garden of life.

Play with your mind’s creative power, that is. You get to play with your thoughts and imagination. For instance, you could play the game of “how would it feel right now if you had what you’ve always wanted?” Go ahead and feel it as if you already it. Be grateful for it because, at least in your imagination, you already have it.

Watch the magic unfold.

Here’s to you!

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37 Comments on “What The Heck Is Law Of Attraction?”

  1. I’ve never bought into the whole LOA concept – at least not the way most life coaches explain it. So my the vibration of my thoughts determine my destiny? Where is the factor of “actions”? Where are the factors of strategic planning, hard work, persistence, efforts, etc? If I’m not mistaken, The Secret doesn’t mention significance of genuine efforts even once. If you can attract stuff like soul-mates just by visualizing, believing, etc., you should be able to attract $1000 by the same principles of believing, right? Because a law is a law. Then, you should be able to attract $1,000,000 the same way too, shouldn’t you? Heck, why do those so-called “reputed” LOA experts (like Abraham Hicks) charge $500 per person for a seminar?! Why don’t they just ATTRACT $1,000,000 by VISUALIZING, BELIEVING , and all that.. (Not once do they mention efforts – they just say believe and Universe will give it to you). Just saying.
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    1. P.S. I totally appreciate and love the psychological benefit from it. I love positive thinking and there is no doubt that thinking positive, imagining outcomes, etc. can make you lot more motivated to take actions, and I agree thoughts are the key to your reality BECAUSE they determine your actions. And most “LOA experts” give little to no significance to that, from what I’ve personally seen. I don’t mean to criticise anything here blindly, it’s just my opinion and if you believe I have a wrong understanding of LOA, feel free to tell me, I would love to know your perspective on it.
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  2. Thanks for the post and I totally agree with you. Negative thoughts really do pull us down. We should love and have belief in ourselves. We should also be ready to face these emotions and be prepared to do something about it. Positive thoughts can attract positive outcomes. Thanks again and would love to hear more about energy psychology.

    1. Hello Jupiter Jim!
      How are you, my friend? I apologize for the delay in answering your question. I have a post coming up here that explains energy psychology in more depth. Meanwhile, there’s a book I highly recommend.

      It’s called ‘The Tapping Cure’ by Roberta Temes. Here is the link to it:

      It’s a quick read, but will arm you with all the information you need to apply this technique. Lemme know if you have more questions. All the best to you!

  3. Our thoughts are so important and they do affect what comes into our life! Here’s the real power of the Law Of Attraction in my opinion –> work toward your goal AND think about what you want and watch the Universe Support you with the people and opportunities you will need to succeed! Please don’t sit around watching TV shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars and 2 and a half men every night and believe that thinking about a Ferrari or the man / woman of your dreams or winning the lottery is going to change your life, cause it probably ain’t gonna happen. God and the Universe support those who work towards their goals and think of the end result and BELIEVE it will happen. Thankfully, that strategy has worked really well in my life and business. That’s just my opinion.
    – Jupiter Jim
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    1. Good to have you here, Jupiter Jim. Well said! In short what you’re saying is, “Law of Attraction is great if you quit fantasizing and get to work. Act on your dreams, don’t just there and day dream.” I couldn’t agree more, my friend.

  4. I started studying the law of attraction a few years ago and i read that we are the creator of our own lives. We use our thoughts to create our life. Now i have made it a habit to dwell on positive thinking because my goals are big and i want to achieve them. All negative thinkers have been filtered out of my life so i can live my dream lifestyle.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post.
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  5. We truly are creators of our reality. Sure we don’t have control over what happens to us, but we have total control of our response. We are the conductors of our symphony. Why not make great music? What if Marla just borrowed a different record to play? What if we could rewrite our script when the one we have doesn’t serve us anymore?
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    1. So well put, dear: “What if Marla just borrowed a different record to play?” It’s time we all examined the records we play in our heads everyday.

  6. So true, having a low self esteem affects us negatively. It is important to appreciate who we are as a person, how can we love and value others if we ourselves do not appreciate who we are. Instead of blaming yourself about how unhappy you are its better to find a solution and act on it. Inferiority complex is a huge block which hampers a person from leading a happy life.

    1. Hello Dr. Suarez! Thanks for sharing your insights again. If I can’t love me, no one else can either. Even if they do, I won’t believe it. It’s always a pleasure to have you here!

  7. Hi Srivinvas, you know, we are both on the same topic this week. I have just written a post on the LOA and have a couple coming that are all related.

    It really is the truth Sage. I mentioned to that many people feel it’s against their religious beliefs… but it’s not. You can still keep your beliefs in place … you just simply have to acknowledge the LOA isn’t spooky sorcery… it’s just part of us and the way things work.

    Regarding Marla, I get where she is coming from. She needs to get herself more open and willing to accept and acknowledge it. She needs to get down to the ‘feelings’ of what she yearns for … then believe it will happen… and NOT worry about the ‘how’s…

    Great Post… thanks so much for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Jayne. You have a very down-to-earth, folksy way of expressing yourself, which I love. I did read your post on LOA, BTW, and totally love it.

  8. Hi Sage,

    My take on the law of attraction is this. It ain’t about me! Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me”. So much for trying to attract people to me. I should be attracted to Him and “all these things will be added unto…”

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    1. Do you really think Jesus did not know about the Law of Attraction? Think again! “Do unto others….” “Ask and you shall receive” are nothing but LOA in action.

  9. Hey Sage, I too struggled when it came to money. I grew up poor, and it seemed even after I grew up and moved out on my own I’d do strange things that didn’t make sense to me or those around me. I’d spend all this time working, saving, and buying “stuff” and then for whatever reason I’d get rid of almost all of it because I was scared of losing it. LOL It’s like the guy who finally saves up and buys a Ferrari, but then is too afraid to park the damn thing anywhere in case it gets damaged! LOL

    I’m still working on my own law of attraction! 🙂

    Cheers bro.
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    1. Ha ha Warren! Your comments made me want to roll on the floor laughing. I dig the Ferrari analogy. I know exactly what you’re saying here because guess what? That’s exactly how I have behaved. Worked my buns to get what I want, then gave it all up or burned it to the ground. Crazy, but true. While I didn’t grow up poor, I shared your madness. Thankfully, it looks like we’ve both grown up now. Take care brother!

  10. Sage thanks for a great post as always:)

    I completely 100% agree with you. I was never the one destined for success. My other family and friends were. They were the academics at school and everyone had high hopes for them.

    But what they lacked, I had… I was so driven and hungry for success because I never had it at school… they were lazy…

    Anyway I digress my point is that to be successful in business isn’t about how talented you are, I’m not the best writer and yet my blog is currently getting around 6000 daily visitors… I can think of many other bloggers who write a million times better than me but I understand the art of attraction.

    Success is about mindset more than talent… when people start to understand this only then will they get the true success they seek and deserve.
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    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Lilach. I feel like I know you better already. You’re certainly an inspiration for all of us. In spite of your success, you come across as very accessible, helpful and gracious. And we love you for that!

  11. Hi Sage,

    I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the Law of Attraction. The LOA will not work in a positive manner until we rid ourselves of limiting beliefs. I hope Marla is working on getting rid of her limiting beliefs, and living a better life.
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    1. Thanks for your comment, Jamella. Often it takes nothing short of a crisis (and a lot of pain) to find the motivation to examine one hidden beliefs. I do not wish these on Marla, but it is out of my hands. What I can do is pray for her.

    1. Good to see you here, Sharon. I can totally relate to your comments. I know a lot of people in this situation. Talented and gifted… and yet broken. Breaks my heart. Thanks for the good wishes. I wish you the same. Cheers!

  12. There are many Marlas out there that don’t control their thoughts and hence feel bad about themselves – and worse, get low self esteem.

    But it’s not as easy as just thinking yourself rich and suddenly you will be rich. You have to take action to get what you are aiming for. Or as Oprah said about the book The Secret, “it’s not that easy”. She should know:-)

    However, having good self esteem is essential in life in order to get what you want. And unfortunately the majority of people in the world have low self esteem.
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    1. Thanks for your insights, Catarina. Indeed, the “secret” is simple—but not easy. That said, there is a flip side to self-esteem. There is the genuinely high self-esteem and then there is the “fake” kind. None of us can have enough of the genuine kind, but “fake” self-esteem breeds false confidence, arrogance and inflated ego.

      1. Srinavas, what you call fake self esteem is what I define as self confidence, which is different. People with low self esteem but high confidence sometimes come across as arrogant.

        For instance someone with high self esteem can be frightened of speaking in public i.e. not confident they will give a fantastic speech since they are not completely in control.

        No matter how high your self esteem is you will not always have 100% high self confidence. Not least since the only thing that’s certain in life is that everything is un-certain. The trick is to handle that without coming across as arrogant.
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        1. You make your points well, Catarina, and I appreciate it. We can argue about this till the cows come home, but we may be saying the same things.

          My point simply is that what matters in the end is a deep connection with one’s higher self, the part of us that transcends the ego and all superficial perceptions of self. As a child I used to have low self-esteeem, which I made up for with high outer confidence. My confidence was genuine, mind you, but quite shallow. It could not fill the hole inside. It took a near-fatal trauma to inspire me to go deeper and connect with my core Self. With such crisis-inspired deeper connection comes a deep love of the self and others, higher self-esteem and a natural confidence. Cheers!

  13. I see a lot of people saying that. I talked to a gal one time who said she was fat and people see her as lazy. I tell her- do something about it if it makes you upset. Stop moping and start doing something. I could sympathize with her because I too am overweight, but it did not keep me back from doing what I wanted. I started karate, and got into more public speaking gigs. Even before it takes a person to fix themselves physically, they have to do it emotionally too. It is hard, but definitely do-able. 🙂
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    1. Thanks for sharing that, Nile. I bet you are an inspiration for a lot of people. I have found that when it comes to friends, other than telling them the truth (which they don’t want to hear), it’s better to inspire them through personal change.

    2. Nile,

      I love your attitude! I have a friend who is a public speaker. She has a great personality and lots of self-confidence. She is also seriously over-weight. Not chubby, but really over-weight. But she gets out there and does what she loves! She doesn’t sit around waiting till her body weight is perfect before she pursues her dream. I have so much respect for her for that. If she ever decides she really wants to lose 100 lbs, then being successful and having the money would put her in a much better position than trying to lose the weight first then become a successful speaker. 60% of people in Our society are overweight BUT at the same time we all obsess over the “perfect” figures we see on TV and magazines. It’s enough to mess anyone’s head and self-esteem up! I am glad you are focusing on the positive and I LOVE your blog on Blog Like a Rockstar!!!

      — Jupiter Jim
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