Insanely Productive

Sage ReddyWealth

“Sorry ma’am, we’re closed,” he informs the frantic shopper as he pulls down the shutters. “I just need one thing,” the customer shouts back in protest, squeaks by and runs into the store. “You have 3 minutes,” he shouts towards her, shaking his head. I can hear him mumbling, “Employees need holidays too.” Darn! Becca and I need a lot … Read More

Doing What Needs To Be Done

Sage ReddyHappiness, Wealth

She’s tall. She’s graceful. And she greets everyone who passes by. Few return her smile, most don’t even acknowledge her presence. And you can hardly blame ’em. It’s Christmas Eve, after all, and these supermarket shoppers are trying to get through their last minute shopping. I, however, watch the lady with utter fascination as I wait my turn at the customer service … Read More