Who Is Sage Reddy+?

Here’s a one paragraph profile of me (funny how easy it is to sum up one’s life):

I’m a Life Coach, writer, philosopher, musician, foodie, blogger, tinkerer, wisefool and husband to a beautiful wife, Becca Reddy. I’m also the founder of Aikya Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to human happiness. “Aikya,” a Sanskrit word, stands for harmony within and without.

Not a day goes by when I do not meditate, sing or write. I embrace all faiths and consider myself deeply spiritual. I believe my real “home” in life is, well, inner silence.

Becca and I live in the lovely city of Portland Oregon, which is home to creative people, great food and beautiful outdoors. When I’m not writing, coaching, making music or otherwise making a fool of myself, I enjoy cooking, curiosity, gardening and friends.

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I was born and raised in India. I love India and it’s rich tradition. I love America and it’s appetite for innovation. Which makes me an “eastern soul western mind” kinda fellow.

So I moved to America. (You don’t have to be an American to think like one, you know. I always did!)

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Sage Reddy new to US image

and new to America

It was 1988 when I came to the United States and joined the corporate world as a budding software engineer. Within two years I was already flying high.

Then life dealt me a cruel, cruel blow. I was paralyzed waist-down in a near-fatal motorcycle wreck.

Oddly enough, I built my successful career as a corporate consultant after my crippling injury (healing and managing which took a lot of my time). But seventeen high-flying years later, I was experiencing a corporate burnout.

I started writing and soon penned my first book (a spiritual memoir about self-transformation) in 2003.

Suddenly I had two careers: a new-age author and a full-time corporate consultant. Well, you can’t do it all (not if you want to excel at any)—and so found myself at the crossroads of life.

Do I stay with my well-paying corporate career? Or do I perform a leap of faith and go where the heart wants to go, into unchartered territory—into writing and music.

Those were my choices. But you already know what I chose:

Sage Reddy sketch

Hello! Let’s talk

Sage Reddy drum image

Can’t stop drummin’

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Happy when I sing

“Follow your passion” is a great concept, but in practice it’s far from easy. Needless to say, it’s been one scary, bumpy, painful, frustrating and exhilarating ride—all the same time.

That said, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I now live a rich and abundant life, one that’s simple, joyful and filled with grace. One where I value people and relationships more than the “stuff” of life.

I long to share with you everything I’ve discovered about health, abundance, love and happiness. Hence this blog.

Speaking of which, a “blog” is not a speech; it’s a conversation. (If it were, it’d be just another dumb website, wouldn’t it?)

I hope to enrich you as much as be enriched by you.

See you around!
Sage Reddy

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