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This is insight 3 from a series. The 1st insight was Keep it simple stupid; the 2nd was Do it now or else.

You know what they say: the past is long gone, the future will never be here and the only thing eternal is the present.

But guess what? The past ain’t gone until you resolve it. If you haven’t made peace with your past, it will impinge on your present and destroy your future. To make sense of all this, let’s turn to your good ol’ kitchen sink.

Prior to implementing KSW (Kitchen Sink Wisdom)’s first insight, “keep it simple stupid” you loved to cook, but didn’t much care to clean up after yourself. All that has changed now. Besides, thanks to “do it now or else” you rarely procrastinate.

These days you really look forward to cooking. It’s mainly because you can always count on clean dishes. When it comes to your dishes, the past is always resolved and the future always looks bright.

Even so, the rest of your life has yet to catch up with your kitchen sink.

Your work life, for instance, is an endless mishmash of unfinished projects. You’re good at starting new projects—but not so good at finishing ’em. Rather than summon the inspiration to finish your old projects, you go start new ones.

Which only keeps you trapped in a endless vicious cycle. Why do you do this?

It’s because new projects are more exciting and thrilling. Because they’re novel, unblemished, promising and clean. Old projects are just the opposite: old, tainted, boring, and dirty.

Much like those dirty dishes in your kitchen sink.

At least, that’s how it’s been so far in life. But since you’ve transformed your relationship with your kitchen sink, might this spill over into your work life?

Yet bet!

Clean out the old before ringing in the new

First thing you’re going change about how you work is you’re not going to launch any more new projects, no matter how promising and titillating they might seem. If you have new and exciting project ideas (and you always do), you’ll be sure to jot them down. But you won’t dive into them, not with all these unfinished projects. You’ll make an exception to this rule only for extremely urgent situations.

What you will do instead is resolve your old projects one by one. Picking up an old project is like doing your dishes: not terribly interesting. But once you get into it, it’s not so bad. And once you’ve cleaned it out, it’s like new again.

Which begs these questions: what do you do for a living? And what do your projects look like?

Answer: it doesn’t matter.

No matter where your entrepreneurial passions lie, you’re bound to have projects at various stages of completion. But for the sake of example, let’s say you’re an online entrepreneur/blogger and author. Which means, you’re always writing.

The bulk of your unfinished work projects are unfinished articles. You’re also a webmaster as you manage your own website. And God knows there are a million things you need to attend to on your site. Then there’s life and all the projects that come with having a life.

So over the next several weeks, you dust off your ol’ digital files and open them one at a time. As with the dirty dishes in your kitchen sink, your resistance to these ol’ projects vanishes once you get inside them.

Granted, your entrepreneurial future is still kind of foggy and unclear. Even so, this much is very clear: you want to resolve all your unfinished projects. It is a price you’re willing to pay in order to create lasting value in your online business.

“Finish or discard. Just don’t leave it hanging.” That’s your new motto.

Can you do it?


Will it work?


Why you should resolve old stuff

Because it’ll clear your mind and lift a heavy load off your chest. And it’ll make it much easier to be present. And being present is what it’s all about. Chronically successful people know how to be present. Because when you’re present you’ll see and seize opportunities as they arise; you’ll act when you should and refrain yourself when you shouldn’t.

Extraordinary intelligence is, simply put, an extraordinary ability to be present.

Your may be good at consciously putting unfinished business out of your mind. “Out of sight, out of mind,” your mind thinks. But that doesn’t fool your subconscious. Your subconscious knows. And it never forgets. It knows that you have unfinished business on hand. This will weigh on your mind and keep you from thinking clearly. It’ll keep you from being present.

Resolving old unfinished business is the fastest way to clear your mental cobwebs. Just by doing this you’ll achieve a mental focus you never thought was possible. So no need to spend money on expensive mind-training software or travel the globe looking for mystical teachers. Instead, simply do this:

Leave nothing unresolved from the past.

Nothing! This will clear your head for today and leave you with boundless hope for tomorrow.

The future’s bright when it’s tinged with hope. But hope doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Hope for the future is built on the bricks on past resolutions.

By the way, resolving yesterday is not just about resolving old projects. It’s also about resolving your relationship stuff. Have you ever wronged anyone in life, wounded them, lied to them, deceived them, misled them, misrepresented them, or distorted facts?

It’s ok if you did. You can still makes amends for it. Whether you did it intentionally or unintentionally, it still weighs on you. The guilt you feel from wronging someone will dampen your mind and your soul. You need to be free of it if you want to achieve stellar success in whatever you do.

So forget morality. It’s simply smart to correct your past wrongs to another. It’ll clear your mind like nothing else will.

As well, you’ll find new reserves of energy inside you, energy you never knew you had. Keeping stuff unresolved with other people has been secretly sucking you of your energy. So call them, write them a letter, or email them. Even better, see them in person and apologize. Do whatever you need to do to resolve this people stuff.

Whatever you do, don’t be vague; be specific. Don’t explain. Don’t analyze. Don’t beat around the bush. Simple acknowledge your mistake, apologize and move on. Once you do, let it go. Whether they forgive you or not is not up to you. It is up to them. Once you’ve issued a sincere apology, your part is over. So do your part and let it go.

But what if it’s been too long and you can’t even get hold of the person you’ve wronged? Write it all up on a piece of paper. Then burn it in your fireplace! If you’re spiritually inclined, say a prayer, else visualize a resolution to your liking.

Likewise, have your ever made promises to another person that you haven’t kept? Think of your family and friends. Either acknowledge and apologize for failing to come through or do what it takes to deliver what you promised.

I wish you great success in resolving your past stuff. Once you do, you’re free to live in the infinite present. Here’s to you!

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