Abhyanga: Self Massage

Becca ReddyHealth

Do you want to: Look and feel younger? Sleep better? Calm your mind and energize your body? Rejuvenate your mind-body system? Have glowing, youthful skin? Then I have one word for you: Abhyanga. Translated into English, it would be three words: self oil massage. Just as cars need oil to run at their best, our bodies too need oil to … Read More

Food Combining Rules: silly or wise?

Sage ReddyHealth

food combining image

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing! Unless, of course, you’re talking food combining. What if she represents potatoes and he, meat. Hmm, do they still go together? Let’s give this lovely couple a break and turn to food. This past thanksgiving, my wife, Becca, did something most Americans never do at a thanksgiving meal. Like most everyone, she had her meat ‘n … Read More

Is Fast Food Bad For You?

Sage ReddyHealth

is fast food bad for you image

Is fast food bad for you? I could say “yes,” but that would be too simplistic. I could say, “look at the picture above. Doesn’t it say it all?” But I won’t do that either. Instead I’ll give you this answer: it depends. On what?! On you! More specifically, your attitude towards fast food. Eating fast food is much like … Read More

Talking Turkey

Sage ReddyHealth

Thanksgiving Grace image

Do you say grace at your meals? Neither do I. Hmm, are we just ungrateful critters or what?! Not to fast batman! Saying grace doesn’t mean you actually FEEL grateful. Conversely, you don’t have to say grace to feel grateful. Which brings us to gratitude. Like love, gratitude is a word we throw around freely. But, like love, gratitude is … Read More

Child Or Baby Not Eating

Sage ReddyHealth

Why You Should Never Reward Your Child With Desert image

You are a parent and you have a secret up your sleeve. You know how to get your child to eat food: you bribe him with dessert. Except that (1) it’s not a secret (as most parents engage in this practice) and (2) it’s a horrible idea. What’s worse, thanks to your “brilliant” idea, your child doesn’t seem to care … Read More

When The Enemy Is Food

Sage ReddyHealth

Solutions to eating disorders image

Regardless of their nature, all solutions to eating disorders point to the same thing—your mind. Doesn’t matter what your particular eating disorder is: anorexia, bulimia, overeating, compulsive eating, binge eating, addiction to sweet sodas or junk food, (insert your particular food disorder here). If you ask me, even mindless eating (which is very common in America) is also a food … Read More

Change How You Eat & You’ll Change How You Think

Sage ReddyHealth

Change How You Eat And You'll Change How You Think image

Food Psychology 101: Change how you eat and you’ll change how you think! At least, that’s what the Wisefool (my alter ego) believes. I know this makes no sense whatsoever. After all, what does eating have to do with thinking? What does food have to do with the mind? Answer: everything! How and what you eat is very telling of how your … Read More

Lost Sense Of Smell And Taste

Sage ReddyHealth

Not enjoying your food lately? Perhaps you’ve lost sense of smell and taste. Let’s tune into the following conversation for a minute. “The homes here are so beautiful. I just love the neighborhood. You must come see it,” you crow to your husband in bed as you kiss him goodnight. You’re in the market for a new home and you … Read More