The Power Of Habit

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“Here, lemme show you. Put your fingers here like this… and strum with your right hand,” he says. It’s summer of 2005 and he’s Tony, my new neighbor friend in Austin, Texas. Tony is a cop. Every evening he sits outside his apartment and picks on his guitar. I try my hand on his guitar only to experience deep frustration. … Read More

How To Strike Out On Your Own

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“Dad, I want a balloon?” my 6-year old, Ravi, begs. “Sure… if you can find ’em,” I respond. Fat chance you’ll find balloons here. All the vendors are stuck outside the park. Funny how kids always want what ain’t there. “There!” Ravi says, pointing to the balloon lady. Sure enough, there she is. I swear she wasn’t there only a … Read More

How to do Abhyanga

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Do you want to: Look and feel younger? Sleep better? Have better circulation? Calm your mind and energize your body? Rejuvenate your mind-body system? Have glowing, youthful skin? Then read on. This is part 2 of Abhyanga, which is a procedure for daily oil self-massage. Doing Abhyanga is so simple, it ought to be illegal. It’s simple yet powerful. Stuff … Read More

Disciplining Teenagers

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Smack! Smack! Smack! That’s the sound of my wife slapping herself silly in the middle of the night. Is she crazy? No! My sweet wife, Becca is trying to rid herself of mosquitos. Even though I can sleep under the covers and am quite immune to the darn mosquitoes, I can hear the pesky things buzzing around. And it’s hard … Read More

Problem Solving Steps

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Chances are you have a life. Which means you have problems. Question is, what are your problem solving steps? It’s 1pm on a weekday afternoon in Portland, Oregon. Time to throw something together for lunch. I must eat before my stomach eats me alive. I pull away from my computer, head on over to the kitchen, only to find that … Read More

Rich Coconut, Poor Coconut

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Whack. Whack. Whack. Whack. Insert blade, pry open the top, insert straw… and you’re in coconut heaven. Fresh coconut water. There’s nothing like it! Refreshing and nourishing. It is by far the best “soft drink” in the world, not patented by any corporation and made entirely by nature. Every winter I escape dreary Portland, Oregon and visit my folks in Hyderabad, … Read More

What The Heck Is Law Of Attraction?

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“I’m poor, black and old… and no one wants me.” That, in a nutshell, is her take on life as we know it. Yes, she’s all that: poor, black and older than she was last year. She’s jobless, practically homeless and without many friends in life. She is Marla, a friend I met only last year at an open mic. … Read More

Trust But Verify

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“I want to buy your snow tires. They are perfect for me. I just don’t have the money to pay you right now. Can I pay you at the end of the month?” the buyer informs us on the phone. What do you say to that? Most normal people would say, “Sorry, call me when you have the money.” I, … Read More

Insanely Productive

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“Sorry ma’am, we’re closed,” he informs the frantic shopper as he pulls down the shutters. “I just need one thing,” the customer shouts back in protest, squeaks by and runs into the store. “You have 3 minutes,” he shouts towards her, shaking his head. I can hear him mumbling, “Employees need holidays too.” Darn! Becca and I need a lot … Read More

Doing What Needs To Be Done

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She’s tall. She’s graceful. And she greets everyone who passes by. Few return her smile, most don’t even acknowledge her presence. And you can hardly blame ’em. It’s Christmas Eve, after all, and these supermarket shoppers are trying to get through their last minute shopping. I, however, watch the lady with utter fascination as I wait my turn at the customer service … Read More