Is Fast Food Bad For You?

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Is fast food bad for you?

I could say “yes,” but that would be too simplistic. I could say, “look at the picture above. Doesn’t it say it all?” But I won’t do that either.

Instead I’ll give you this answer: it depends. On what?!

On you! More specifically, your attitude towards fast food.

Eating fast food is much like smoking: won’t kill you if you do it on occasion. Problem is when this occasional thing turns into a habit and, what’s worse, into an addiction.

Never mind that all fast food is designed to be addictive. We’re still more interested in you and how you relate to fast food.

So Bad… It’s Good

I hung out with a friend the other night as he chomped down with glee on an ice-cream sandwich he snagged from a local seven-eleven. As he dug into it, it’s as if the voice in his head went, “I shouldn’t be eating this crap. I shouldn’t….”

The fact that he was getting away with it only added to the guilty pleasure he derived from it. Two thirds into the ice-cream sandwich, my friend grimaced and said, “I’ve been eating bad food lately. I’ve stopped at Burger king four nights in a row.”

You can see what’s going on in my friend’s head. “Fast food is bad.” “Junk food is bad.” “I shouldn’t eat this crap.” “If I want to lose weight I must eat better.” “But I can’t resist.”

Yes, it’s crap. But that’s not the real problem. The problem is that you label foods “good” and “bad.” The instant you label something “bad” you’ve dug yourself a giant psychic hole, a trap you’ll fall into again and again.

Thanks to your label, the “bad” food exerts an unnatural attraction on you. Why does it work this way?

Answer: shame and guilt.

Burn The Labels

What if you were to remove all labels from the foods you eat? “Good,” “bad,” “healthy,” “unhealthy,” “junk” “sinful” “decadent” “wicked” “fattening” “zero calories” and what not. What if allow yourself to enjoy it fully? Without shame or guilt.

Wowzer! Food for you will never be the same again.

Yep, it’s fast food. Yeah, it’s far from wholesome. But what if you could slow down for your fast food? Taste it? Relish it? Give thanks? Be grateful? What do you think will happen then?

The skies will part and you’ll see God. Whoa!

More seriously, you’ll see fast food for what it is—soulless and unwholesome. You’ll automatically begin to favor more nutritious food.

I say, burn those “good” and “bad” food labels. They keep you from ever developing an intimacy with your food.

Here’s to you!

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