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Did you know?

That peppermint essential oil is cooling and will ease an upset stomach, increase your circulation, and provide an all natural alternative pick-me-up without any side effects?

That lavender essential oil will not only sooth and relax you, but disinfect your wounds, and is an all purpose oil? Which makes it an excellent choice for whatever ails you!

That even though it’s not as sweet smelling as most floral oils, clove essential oil is warming and has tremendous benefits such as easing joint pain and arthritis, undoing cramps and convulsions, and aiding digestion.

Welcome to the fascinating and wonderful world of essential oils!

So what are essential oils? An essential oil is an oil extract from a plant containing its volatile aroma compounds. It captures the plant’s essence. Hence, the word essential. 🙂

In this article, we’re going to focus on using essential oils for your daily oil massage (known as Abhyanga in Ayurveda).

Using essential oils with Abhyanga

Not only do essential oils smell amazing, they help balance, invigorate and ultimately help the body heal itself! When added to your massage oil, in addition to all their health benefits, essential oils greatly enhance your daily massage experience. But the vast selection of essential oils and the knowledge and understanding you need to use them properly can be overwhelming.

My suggestion?

Start small and listen to your body. Soon you’ll do wonders with essential oils.

As with food, not all essential oils are suitable for everyone. We’re all unique and have unique body types. This is where Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing can save the day.

According to Ayurveda, there are three forces/energies (known as doshas) that operate in nature: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Since we are part of nature, what is true for nature is true for your own body. As within, so without. Therefore, these same doshas operate within your own body as well. The particular combination of these three forces within you is what creates your own unique mind-body type.

Vata dosha reflect space and air. Vata is quick, light, rough, moving, cold, irregular, mobile, and dry. Vata mind-body types are usually thin and have trouble keeping weight on.

Pitta dosha reflect fire and water. Pitta is hot, light, sharp, soft, subtle, malodorous, clear and fluid. Pitta mind-body types usually have a lean build and don’t have a problem burning off excess calories.

Kapha dosha reflect water and earth. Kapha types exhibit the following: oily, cold, heavy, stable, dense and smooth. Kapha mind-body types tend to have sturdy, heavy frames, converting their calories to flesh, providing a good reserve of physical strength and stamina.

No dosha is good or bad, but when it becomes imbalanced it causes illness, pain or discomfort and creates weight issues. Many factors can cause these imbalances. The food you eat, the thoughts and emotions you engage in, and the environment you live in etc. all contribute to your imbalances.

Knowing the your mind-body type will help you to determine which essential oils are suitable for you to use with Abhyanga.

Oils that help correct Vata imbalances are basil, cumin, ginger, orange. Oils that help to balance Pitta are lavender, peppermint, rose, sandalwood. To balance Kapha, helpful oils are black pepper, clary sage, rosemary, lemon.

Let’s get on with the show!

So if you are just starting out experimenting I suggest you take it one step at a time. Always listen to your body. Here are the steps:

  1. Pick any essential oil that delights your senses.
  2. Test it out. To that add a few drops of the essential oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage it on your inner arm. Wait a few minutes and if irritation occurs, rinse with water and a mild soap. Do not use the essential oil.

The standard for dilution of essential oil to carrier oil is 5-6 drops/1oz (30ml, 2 tbs).

Once you’ve found an oil that’s agreeable to you, mix up a batch and use it for your daily oil massage. Only after some experience with a single essential oil do I recommend combining essential oils.

Keep in mind that essential oils are very powerful and you don’t want to create an unecessary aversion or reaction to them. Go easy with your essential oils at first, you can always add more later. Once again, when it comes to essential oils less is more.

Essential oils will truly take your daily oil massage to whole another level.

Here’s your ongoing health and wellbeing!

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52 Comments on “Healthy Skin Naturally”

  1. Hi Becca,
    Well written article. I really loved reading this post as I am a big fan of natural healing using natural elements. Wisely chosen quality essential oils can greatly increase the desired effects in a topical application such as creams or lotions.

  2. Thanks for sharing really informative article Becca, I bought some essential oils since I wanted my place to smell nice, without introducing toxins into my body. Since the different essential oils effected me differently, I started to look deeper into essential oils. I found this article as really great resource.

  3. Hi Becca, it was very interesting to hear about the oils. I have to say I have a very soft spot for Lavender. thanks for sharing the information..

  4. Also, make sure that you have enough information about the essential oils you will use. Some have the tendency to have minor allergic reactions the first time but this is very unlikely usually because essential oils are naturally made. These work for aromatherapy, skin and hair care and they are really relaxing to use!! 🙂 everyone should try it.

  5. Skin care is one of the most important components of natural beauty, no matter what your age, skin tone, or skin type. Thanks for sharing this great tips for a healthier skin.

    1. It has been 5 years since I tried essential oils and never look back. My siblings and my partner use them regularly too. I’m really hooked at yoga, and alternative medicinal practices. This article is really helpful for people who want to be healthier and more peaceful.

  6. Essential oils are nature’s gift to human. I’m a big fan of essential oils and massages. They’re the best combination ever for relaxing. Anyway, I’ve yet to try other uses of essential oils. So thanks so much for sharing this informative and helpful article. I also enjoyed reading the comment section. Learned a lot!

  7. Hi Becca,
    Thanks for this great info on essential oils for skin health. I also love to use essential oils in my cooking because it adds intense flavor and great health benefits. I use a few drops of lavender oil mixed with extra virgin coconut oil to moisturize my face and body and it is fantastic.
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    1. Shelley,
      With Lavender the possibilities are endless! When I’m not putting it on my body, in my bathwater, or cleaning my counters I enjoy it in my cooking. I have finally nailed my lavender shortbread cookie recipe!
      Here is to adventures with lavender:)
      Rebecca Reddy invites you to read..Hungry As A BearMy Profile

  8. Hey Rebecca,
    Awesome info about the essential oils and also luved the description about the 3 types of energies that animate our physical bodies. Vata dosha animates me 🙂 I was very skinny as a teenager but I realized that my thoughts and feelings were focused in the direction “skinny guy”. As I started to love my body for exactly what it is, I noticed not only improvements in my emotions/thoughts but also the body starts gain weight little by little becoming more harmonious. I know it’s a process so it has all the patience and support from the “invisible me” 🙂

    As for the oil, I used only the lavender one which is great 🙂 I’ll use your suggestions as well.
    Thanks for sharing. Nice discussion around this topic. Well done!
    Radu invites you to read..Blog Content Ideas: 40 Simple Ways To Never Run DryMy Profile

    1. Radu,
       Thanks for stoping by!  We help ourselves so much by simply understanding what makes us tick and supporting that. Our physical body is little more than a descendant of our emotional self which our mental self parents…
      To wellness!

  9. This is an interesting post. There’s so much confusion about essential oils. I tend to use essential oils in spa treatments. They can do wonderful things — lift your mood, calm you down, clear your head, help you sleep — but only if you use high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils. I have not yet treated myself to Abhyanga treatment but am now looking forward to it.
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    1. Barnett,
      No, I am not a massage therapist. I too am fascinated by my discoveries with essential oils! Whenever I experience an upset stomach I just pluck a leaf off my peppermint plant and chew:)
      Rebecca Reddy invites you to read..How to do AbhyangaMy Profile

    1. Sarah,
      I love massaging with those oils all by themselves too! When I was in costa Rica last year the olive oil was simply outstanding. One thing I didn’t say in the article is Although lavender is great in just about any circumstance, it can cancel out the benefits of other oils if used in combination. So do enjoy, just make surely is used separately 🙂
      Rebecca Reddy invites you to read..How to do AbhyangaMy Profile

    1. Glad to see you here Easther,
      Aiding the body in the healing process is the way I’ve always done it. The human body is so intelligent! Give it a balanced environment and it will stay healthy. Even medical doctors have not stopped prescribing exercise,  rest, and fluids.
      Rebecca Reddy invites you to read..How to do AbhyangaMy Profile

    1. Rosemary,
      I too have such a soft spot for lavender. Rosemary too I fact! And it just so happens that lavender is a beneficial oil to all three doshas! Such a great idea lavender under the pillow. I have put it in a pillowcase in with all my linens and it makes them all fresh and great!
      Rebecca Reddy invites you to read..How to do AbhyangaMy Profile

  10. Becca,
    This is truely amazing and an area that I had little experience with a prior contact. She was into creating oils based on what your body was experiencing.

    I had pains and spinal issues being over 6ft and 215lbs. Solid and not body fat with much walking for excercise until my back surgery. Now, I have not gain any fat. Yet, much pain with moving, sitting, standing and walking.

    I never like to take all the 9 pills four times a day. Yet, that will other theropy has helped me manage my morings. That is when it is hardest to just get out of the bed.

    Two hours up and two down 24hrs a daily. I have been making attempts to try most ethical actions to help. Not much in potions and breathing activities. I am a real live person with high endurance to pain.

    Keeping it real, I have made attempts to keep up with my oils. Just could not located my contact whom I grown to trust for years. She went back to her country and never left forwarding address years ago. O’well.

    I thank you for inspiring me to start fresh and never stop with doing it right without ever looking back.

    Becca, your a true supporter for healthy mind, body and spirit. I am blessed with you and Sage. Thanks for sharing this article and the prior ones help too.
    William Earl Amis Jr III invites you to read..UselessMy Profile

    1. Good to hear from you again William!
      It sounds like you could really benefit from a daily Abhyanga with clove oil on your trouble spots. Our bodies truly know how to best take care of themselves. At times the just can use a little help.
      Rebecca Reddy invites you to read..Healthy Skin NaturallyMy Profile

      1. Rebecca,
        As I stated my supplier is out of the country and not reachable for several years now. How can I get the oils I need. Do you know of any person or place that would supply the quality and quantity needed. Also, the methods on mixture and applications.

        Hey, I need some holding of the hands, per say. I look forward in a reply in the near future.

        You know I love you and Sage…my two wonderful people with so much to give. Well, I am say thank you for all in advance.
        William Earl Amis Jr III invites you to read..Wait!My Profile

        1. Becca,
          is that link the location from Amazon…is this person you? Or do you know if the product from them is real…worth it. 100% what oils should be. I had my person for over 11 years. That is a real bond of trust we had to build.
          William Earl Amis Jr III invites you to read..Wait!My Profile

        2. William,
          I am sorry to hear you have lost your supplier. As far as getting any oil,  You want to check out the company and purchase oils that are therapeutic grade essential oils(ensures a quality standard). All the links here are what I would recommend.
          If you would like me to work with you further email me through the contact page.
          Rebecca Reddy invites you to read..Keep It Simple, StupidMy Profile

    1. Knikkolette,
      What I would suggest for you is daily Abhyanga with a plant based oil and recipe of essential oils. To determine what carrier oil and essential oil is right for you I would need more specific information about you. Contact me further via email if you would like me to work with you. You can send me an email through the contact tab on the home page. In the meantime read my previous posts  part 1& 2 on Abayanga.
      Rebecca Reddy invites you to read..How to do AbhyangaMy Profile

  11. Hello Becca I very much enjoyed this post as I am a big fan of natural healing using natural elements. I have poked my nose into Ayurveda and will continue with learning when I have more time, so this is just the thing I like to read. I particularly like the idea of accepting that no body type is wrong one just has to find one’s own natural balance.
    Thanks for the post.
    pea invites you to read..Simple DeterminationMy Profile

  12. Hi Becca,
    Well written article. I am Vatta as I have trouble with putting on weight but am mostly Pitta for sure! Now, when you add the essential oil are you massaging it in just certain areas or all over the body? I see you mentioned the inner arm at first to test the oil.

    Very intriguing and not unbelievable by any means. My PT some years ago, while helping me recover from an injury, exposed me to homeopathic treatment and taught me a lot about how the human body reacts to such injuries but also how the nervous system, the organs are all connected, and what a huge role emotions play. Incredible info.

    I am sure some reading your post may think, “Oh, come on?” But we would all be amazed at how closely we are attached to nature and what natural things God has created to help us become better.

    Thanks for the share!
    JosephJYoung invites you to read..Bad Debt Will Remove Your LandmarkMy Profile

    1. Joe,
       There isn’t any denying in my mind how interconnected with  nature we all are. As far as your question, I would say to avoid getting it into your eyes. As you are massaging head to toe just listen to what your body is telling you. We all have different sensitivities and you should dilute an essential oil more with the carrier and apply on those areas. Thank you for coming by!
      Rebecca Reddy invites you to read..How to do AbhyangaMy Profile

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