Change How You Eat & You’ll Change How You Think

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Food Psychology 101: Change how you eat and you’ll change how you think!

At least, that’s what the Wisefool (my alter ego) believes. I know this makes no sense whatsoever.

After all, what does eating have to do with thinking? What does food have to do with the mind?

Answer: everything!

How and what you eat is very telling of how your mind works. That’s because your thoughts and emotions influence your daily actions. And vice-versa.

Take eating.

When you change your thought process, you’ll change your daily food habits. Conversely, change your conduct around food and you’ll change how you think. The first is hard, the second is easy as pie.

Changing your thought process is like trying to nail jello to the wall. Hard and messy. There’s an easier way—food!

The easiest way to change how you think is to change how you eat.

Ha! Who knew?!

Then again, all this is sort of like feng-shui, which says “change your home and you’ll change your mind.”

What does it mean to “change how you eat?”

After all, what’s there to eating? Open mouth, eat food, you’re done.

Changing how you eat is not about changing the mechanics of eating, but about changing your experience of it. Think about your everyday food. What do you experience when you eat your daily grub?

Are you enjoying it or you just filling up? Do you find pleasure or is it empty gratification? Are you sensually engaged with your food or are you “dead” to it?

Does it matter?


It matters because how you experience your food determines how your body will metabolize it. In other words, “how you eat” more directly influences your health than “what you eat.”

Besides, how you relate to food is a reflection of how you relate to life at large.

Got no time for your food? You won’t have time for the people in your life either. Don’t pay attention to the food you eat? You won’t pay attention to your wife either.

Or as the Wisefool would say, “Show me how you eat and I’ll show you who you are.”

Ok, so you’re a mindless consumer. So what?! So is everybody else. Our whole economy is built on a model of consumption, after all. Why stop consuming and hurt the economy?

Good point. But I say, forget the economy and save your soul. The economy will take care of itself.

Mindless eating leaves you in chronic discontent. Which means, you’ll look for happiness in life—but never find it. Is that what you want?

I didn’t think so.

Food is something you do day-in and day-out. Three times a day. You do it from the time you’re born till the day you crawl into your grave.

Food is the most fundamental relationship you have in life. Not only that, food is the most intimate relationship you’ll have in life, period. Break it gently to your lover though. 🙂

After all, what other activity do you engage in where the object of your affection enters your body—and becomes you. It becomes your very flesh, bones and tissue.

None—except food.

Wanna change your life? Change how you eat. Because when you change how you eat you’ll change how you think.

Here’s to you!


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