Food Combining Rules: silly or wise?

Sage ReddyHealth

food combining image

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing! Unless, of course, you’re talking food combining.

What if she represents potatoes and he, meat. Hmm, do they still go together? Let’s give this lovely couple a break and turn to food.

This past thanksgiving, my wife, Becca, did something most Americans never do at a thanksgiving meal. Like most everyone, she had her meat ‘n potatoes—but she didn’t have them at the same time.

She had them individually, separated in space and time. Result?

Unlike the rest of us good Americans, my wife did not pass out after her “huge” thanksgiving meal. She felt light and frisky. Almost effervescent.

Welcome to the controversial world of food combining.

Mind you, Becca did not miss out on anything. She wasn’t holding back. She did it all: turkey and potatoes and gravy and bread and pumpkin pie and coffee…. Only, she didn’t have them all at once. She spread them out over time.

My wife is one of those people who can enjoy her food without being a glutton. She loves, loves, loves good food. It’s just that she doesn’t have the need to stuff her face in half-an-hour. Besides, she knows something most of us don’t. What?

Food combining, what else?

Becca knows that not everything on a typical dinner plate goes with everything else. My wife practices proper food combining.

We in the west mistakenly believe that, at least food-wise, anything goes with anything—at long as they look good and taste good.

Not true!

Some things just don’t get along

You see, some foods just DO NOT get along well with each other in your stomach—even if they look good together on the plate. Meat and potatoes, for instance.

Meat needs an acidic digestive environment while carbs need an alkaline one. Carb digestion begins in your mouth (thanks to ptyalin and other enzymes) while meat doesn’t start digesting until it hits your stomach (with meat, the only purpose of saliva is to make it slide down your gullet).

Then there’s the matter of digestive times. Different things takes different amounts of time to digest.

Fruits take very little time to digest (less than half hour) while meat can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to digest. Does it make sense to eat them together? Not if you ask Gramma. Eating them together would be like having a light and frisky bicycle stuck behind a heavy semi on the freeway.

Eating fruit with your meat (or other heavy foods) means fruit will digest quickly, then ferment in your gut, turn into “bad wine,” spoil the whole batch and keep your meat from digesting properly.

But wouldn’t you know it, many food “experts” scoff at the idea of food-combining. They insist that it’s nothing but a bunch of hooey. Is it?

I say, why not find out for yourself?

Have your meat-n-potatoes together (like you’re used to). Then eat them separately. Watch how you feel. Stick with one way or the other long enough to see the difference. A week should suffice.

I introduced the concept of food-combining to my wife last year, soon after I met her. Being a good student, she put it into practice right away. Her friends thought she was either a freak or a bulemic or she was, well, starving herself. She was doing none of the above. My, how quickly we judge!

A year later, while most people still struggle with diets, my beautiful wife has shed all her unnecessary weight (all 50 lbs of it) without dieting. What’s more, her skin’s glowing, she looks radiant, vital and vibrant. The woman I love had blossomed into a beautiful woman that she always was underneath.

Food combining: it’s part of a bigger picture

Of course, proper food combining is not the only thing my wife knows about and practices. She knows the the 4 healthy eating habits of lean ‘n happy people. These 4 rules are your pillars of wisdom in the mad, bad world of food that’s overrun with often confusing and contradictory information. These guiding principles are simple yet powerful!

Becca has absorbed and digested each of these golden rules. She’s made them her own. Food combining, by the way, is but a small aspect of the 3 golden rule of food.

As a rule, all rules suck. Until you make them your own, that is, and then they begin to work for you. Then the same rules that were once limiting will now set you free. Ditto with the four golden rules of food.

What about you? Do you see food combining rules as utter nonsense or do you see it as wisdom? What do you think? What food rules do you have that work for you? Do tell.